Pledges Against the IDC

We believe that public solidarity among Democrats and progressive groups in New York is critical to the effort to isolate the IDC and other elected Democrats who caucus with the Republicans. To demonstrate such public unity, we ask that all who want a progressive, Democratic future for New York sign the pledge!

Albany Solidarity Pledge

The Albany Solidarity Pledge is intended for Democratic electeds and party officials who are NOT members of, or candidates for, the NY State Senate. It is also intended for institutional groups (e.g. Democratic clubs, labor unions, progressive advocacy organizations, etc.) that endorse candidates or otherwise have a stake in Democratic politics:

In Democratic primaries for the New York State Senate, I / we the undersigned pledge to support only candidates (including incumbents) who have signed the Albany Unity Pledge committing themselves to caucusing with the mainline Senate Democratic Conference.

Albany Unity Pledge

The Albany Unity Pledge is intended for Democratic elected officials who are members of the NY State Senate as well as Democratic candidates for the NY State Senate:

At all times of my service in the New York State Senate, I hereby pledge always to remain a member of, and always to caucus with, the mainline Senate Democratic Conference. Furthermore, I pledge always to:

  • cast my leadership vote on the Senate floor for the Democrat who receives the most leadership votes within the mainline Senate Democratic Conference; and
  • refuse the endorsement of, and the financial or other support of, (i) the IDC and its members, (ii) any other Senator who does not caucus with the mainline Democrats, (iii) any political committee under the control or influence of the IDC or any of its members (including the Senate Independence Campaign Committee), and (iv) any other committee that disburses the majority of its expenditures in support of the election to the NYS Senate of registered Democrats who do not caucus with the mainline Democrats.